BioPhotoFestival 2015: Photo exhibitions

Photo exhibition “Flamingos”

Klaus Nigge (1956, Germany) - - is a wildlife photojournalist. After studying philosophy and art and earning a degree in biology, he worked as a biologist before he became a professional photographer in 1995.
At now he works primarily for National Geographic and GEO.
Klaus is a committed member of the international wildlife photography community.
As a former president of GDT (the association of German wildlife photographers) he founded the International Nature Photo Festival 20 years ago in his hometown Luenen, Germany, and still he very much enjoys lecturing at photo festivals all over the world.
Klaus is a fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers ILCP.

The photo exhibition dedicated to the Caribbean Flamingo or Flamingo American who lives along the coasts of Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti and the shores of the Galapagos Islands is the result of a work commissioned by the prestigious photographic magazine "National Geographic".
Klaus Nigge had to travel several times to the Yucatan Peninsula to document the full annual cycle in the life of these birds.
The images on display show us moments of life of flamingos, in its preferred habitats such as salt marshes, salt lakes, shallow, brackish lagoons and mud flats along the coast and inland, expertly shot with lights and atmospheres. To offer us a different perspective are also the images taken from the plane that give us an overview of the colonies and at the same time a nice graphic scene.

Exhibition in the Council Chamber municipality of Budoia - free entrance.

Photo exhibition “Val d’Arzino”

Associazione Fotografi Naturalisti Italiani - Sezione FVG -
Exhibition in the the Youth House – free entrance.

Photo exhibition of finalist of “BioPhotoContest 2015 – Rivers, lakes, marshes and lagoons”

80 pictures printed on panels in FOREX - 70cm x 60cm
Exhibition in the marquee - free entrance.

Stands of photographers

Exhibition in the marquee - free entrance


Friday: 17:00 - 21:00
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