BioPhotoFestival 2016: Multivisions

Thursday September 22

21:00 - 22:30

Evening multivisions - free entrance
Opening with the special guest Pierluigi Rizzato (ITA)
Topic: "Travels between man and nature".
Multivision to be defined.
By Ass. Merlino Multivisioni (TS)

  • CRYSTAL BEACH – winter in Island - 13 minutes, photo by Franco Toso multivision by Merlino Multivisioni.
    The winter allows you to enjoy the ancestral beauty of a unique island.The island is characterized by intense volcanic and geothermal activity that shapes the landscape from thousands of years by drawing mountains, glaciers, glacial rivers and rugged coastlines.
  • STUDIES FOR THE SEA INTONATION - 9 minutes, photo by Andrea Pivari multivision by Claudio Tuti.
    In search of deep darkness and the great silence.
  • METAMORPHOSIS - 9 minutes, photographs and multivision Valter Binotto
    The nature surprises us. Always. when we are immersed in a meadow we can meet strange shapes, strange, invisible specks of dust on the leaves. They are insect eggs, bugs, lacewings, butterflies. Life, which originated from these eggs, is sometimes short but always intense, singular, strange.
  • THE COLOR OF SEA – OKAWANGO DELTA - 8 minute, photo and multivision by Luigi Dorigo
    In the heart of Botswana, after traveling over 1000 km, the Okavango stops its flow into inland river delta one of the largest in the world. This arid land, next to one of the largest deserts, can only benefit from this unusual gift.
  • WHEN THE SUN MEETS THE SEA - 7 minutes, photo by Ervin Skalamera multivision by Claudio Tuti
    The Indian Ocean keeps African and Asian together in respect of the complexity of the different civilizations. The people of Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Seychelles, Comoros, Maldives, Mauritius, Zanzibar, live together in peace and share the wonders of this ocean where the sun and the sea are the main protagonists.
  • OCEAN’S WINGS - 10 minutes, photo by Roberto and Giulio Valenti multivision by Roberto Valenti.
    Of Scotland and its islands I remember the long days of early summer, the rainbows and maritime armory blooms on the cliffs. I remember the elegant beating of wings of seabirds and the intense scent of the ocean.

Friday, September 23

21:00 - 22.30

Evening with naturalistic multimedia show - free entrance

Saturday September 24


Multimedia show of competition BioPhotoContest 2016 Edition “Deserts, rocks and screes”.
Multivision at the marquee – free entrance.