BioPhotoFestival 2016: Photo Exibitions

Photo Exibitions “Serengeti”

Pierluigi Rizzato (ITA) -

Paduan, photographer for over 35 years, he dedicated himself with special passion and care to nature photography. The realization of his images combines a deep understanding of the characteristics of the subjects, acquired through study and research, as well as a patient's field observation. His shots, striking from the aesthetic point of view to the variety of colours and the wise compositional choice, also offer the possibility of a "scientific" reading the behaviors animal, as "freeze" the subjects in their natural movement. He received more than 380 awards in international competitions. He is the author of two photo books, "In the animal kingdom, from Alaska to the Serengeti" and "Animal Instinct", and has exhibited his work in several European countries and also in China and Singapore.

The photo exhibition is dedicated to the natural park of Serengeti in northern Tanzania where plains stretch as far as the eye and blend in red hot sunsets and endless expanses of grass hide the soft footsteps of some feline. Places and situations that offer extraordinary ideas for an exciting and evocative vision. Follow the predators in their search for food, being able to predict what gazelle will be hunted by cheetah, look for a few hours the silent expectation of a lioness lurking hidden in the grass, aiding the birth of a gnu and his first important moments life; these are moments that give unique and unforgettable emotions that the photographer was able to capture in his many travels.

Exposure September 22 to 25 at the Council Chamber of the Municipality’s Budoia - Free Access

Photo Exibitions “Naturalmente FVG”

Circolo Fotografico Palmarino -

Exposure during the Mushroom Festival (10 to 11 and 17 to 18 September. Saturday 17:00 - 20:00. Sunday 10:00 -13:00 and 14:00 -20:00) and 23 to 25 September at the Casa della Gioventù. Free access.

"Naturalmente FVG" is a selection of a wider collective work of the Photographic Club Palmarino. As the title suggests, the pictures were all taken in the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, which is characterized by an important biodiversity that must be valued and protected. We think that a concrete way to do that is to share images like these and to show everyone how much beauty around us already behind our house.

Photo Exibitions "BioPhotoContest 2016 - Deserts, rocks and screes”

Exhibition of 80 finalist images at the 3rd international nature photography contest for Biomes of the planet Earth. The theme of this third edition is dedicated to the biome of deserts, rocks and scree.

Exhibition at marquee, Free access.

Photographer exhibition stands

Exibitions at marquee - Free entrance.


Friday: 05:00pm - 09:00pm
Saturday, Sunday: 10:00am - 05:00pm