BioPhotoFestival 2017: Conferences

Saturday, September 23, 2017

h 10:45 - 11:45

Meeting with the photo editor - Keith Wilson (AUSTRALIA) -


Hard as it is to believe, the African elephant is facing extinction. The facts speak for themselves:
• One elephant is killed by ivory poachers every 15 minutes – that’s more than 30,000 every year;
• Today, more elephants are being killed than are being born;
• At current rates of poaching, the African elephant will be extinct in the wild in less than 20 years.

Remembering Elephants is a unique photo book published to raise funds to fight ivory poaching in Africa. The book features stunning images of wild African elephants donated by 65 of the world’s leading photographers, including eight overall winners of the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

Photographers who have generously donated images for Remembering Elephants include: Frans Lanting, Art Wolfe, Theo Allofs, Jonathan and Angela Scott, Federico Veronesi, Brent Stirton, Marina Cano, Melissa Groo, David Lloyd, Michael Poliza, Marsel van Oosten, and Greg du Toit.
At BioPhotos, Keith’s inspiring presentation reveals how the united action of so many wildlife photographers is helping to save these amazing and intelligent animals for future generations. All proceeds from the sale of Remembering Elephants will be used to fight ivory poaching and protect elephants, via our partner, the Born Free Foundation.

Photographic projection and discussion

Photo journalist and writer, Keith Wilson is the editor of Remembering Elephants, the unique photo book featuring the work of more than 60 leading wildlife photographers, and published to raise money to fight ivory poaching and protect African elephants from extinction.

Keith is a former award-winning editor of Amateur Photographer magazine and the founder of both Outdoor Photography, which he edited from 2000 to 2007, and Wild Planet, the world’s first digital magazine devoted entirely to wildlife photography.
Today, he is renowned for his interviews with modern masters such as Sebastiao Salgado, Jim Brandenburg, Steve Winter, Britta Jaschinski, Audun Rikardsen, Frans Lanting and Jasper Doest.

He is a much sought after editor of fine art photography books, specializing in wildlife, landscape and the environment, and is the author of two books on travel photography. In 2011, Keith was made a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and in 2015 served as a Jury member of the GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

h 15:30 - 16:30

Meeting with the photographer - Theo Bosboom (NED) -
“In search of wilderness” - In his presentation Dutch photographer Theo Bosboom will show the results of 10 years searching for wilderness, both in the wild nature of Iceland, that he visited more than 30 times, and in his densely polulated home country the Netherlands, where there is hardly any real wilderness left. It is also a creative journey: Theo is always searching for fresh perspectives and has developed a recognizable style with a lot of attention for the details of nature.

Theo Bosboom is a professional photographer from the Netherlands, specializing in nature and landscapes. In 2013, he turned his back on a successful legal career to pursue his dream of being a professional photographer. He is regarded as a creative photographer with a strong eye for detail and composition.

For Theo nature photography is the ideal mix between enjoying the wonders of nature and creative expression. Theo’s photographs are regularly published in leading magazines such as National Geographic (Dutch edition), GEO and Outdoor Photography and Theo has won numerous awards in international photography competitions. Theo has published two photo books: Iceland pure (2012) and Dreams of wilderness (2015). He organizes photographic journeys in Northern Europe and Spain, where he likes share with others his passion.

Photographic projection and discussion

h 18:00 - 19:30

Awards ceremony BioPhotoContest 2017

Exhibition at marquee, Free access.

  • Multimedia show "The Boreal Forests" - semi-finalists images in the competition in 2017.
  • Awards ceremony.
  • Dinner / Gala buffet. Reserved for guests

Sunday, September 24

h 11:15 - 12:00

Meeting with Photographer - Emanuele Biggi (ITA) -

"New Stories from the Microcosm" - A narrated photographic projection that illustrates through some of Emanuele's latest ideas and stories as the less known and often feared nature can be told to promote knowledge and conservation.

Emanuele Biggi is a Genoese naturalist with a PhD in Marine Environmental Science. He is a photographer and scientific communicator, specialized in the study of the most unusual and lesser known animals, such as frogs, spiders, insects and lizards. He deals with conservation of nature and collaborates regularly with magazines, including international. He has collaborated in various ways with the Genoa Science Festival. On television, he was an animal expert (Rai Tre, Mediaset, DeA Know). He is currently conducting three years of live GEO broadcast on Rai Tre. He is a Scientific Advisor to Parks and Protected Areas for which he studies minor fauna.

In 2011, his picture received the “highly commended” award in the prestigious Wildlife photographer of the year in 2013 was Wildphotos speaker at the Symposium at the Royal Geographical Society, and in 2014 another of his picture won the first prize, category Mammals, of the BigPicture competition of the California Academy of Sciences. In 2016 he was the speaker at the Wildscreen Festival in Bristol organized by the BBC and National Geographic.

h 14:30 - 16:00

Open meeting

"Community and tourism, a deal for preservation and valorisation of landscape"


Roberto De Marchi, Mayor of Budoia

Mariagrazia Santoro, Regional Councilor for Infrastructure and Territory and President of the Unesco Dolomiti Foundation • "To be part of the UNESCO system"

Marco Tullio Petrangelo, Director of PromoTurismo FVG • "Which Tourism for the Mountains of Western Friuli"

Gino Martinuzzo, GAL Mountain Leader President • "The path of St. Christopher"