BioPhotoFestival 2017: Evening multivisions - free entrance

Thursday, September 21

21:00 - 22:30

Multivision evening - free entry
Opening Festival with the special guest Theo Bosboom (The Netherlands)
Theme: "Travel & Nature"
Multivision by: Merlino Multivisions Association (TS)

  • SUEGNO AZUL - minutes 20, photographs: Franco Toso, multivision of Merlino MultivisionsControversy between desert and full of life marine life the Mexican peninsula of Baja California is pure land and sea and has sudden surprises: dense cactus forests over ten feet high, fantastic beaches and creeks lurking with immaculate waves, diving with whales and whale sharks And the struggling encounter with gray whales.
  • THE SOUTH SILENCE​ - minutes 18, photographs: Ervin Skalamera and Roberto Valenti multivision by Roberto Valenti
    Patagonia is immense. Behind us the waves of the ocean, the endless expanses of the Pampas ... the mountains ahead. El Chalten, Cerro Torre, Torres del Paine, impressive granite spiers emerging from the ice of the Hiello Continental and seem to be from the beginning of the World. A land that represents the true symbol of the distance, of the unknown stranger... of the adventure.
  • THE SCIENCE OF THE STARS​​ - 6 minutes, photographs and multivision by Franco Toso​
    “Everything is determined by forces on which we have no control. It's for the insect like for the stars. Human beings, plants, or cosmic dust, we all dance at the rhythm of mysterious music, played in the distance by an invisible piercing "- Albert Einstein, on Saturday Evening Post, 1929.
  • SPIRIT OF THE PLACE​ - 18 minutes, photographs of the group Genius Loci, multivision of Carlo Conti
    Some images of 14 natural photographs attentive to the spirit that lurks in the territories where they carry their photographic activity.

Friday, September 22

21:00 - 22.30

Evening of multivision naturalistic - free entrance

  • Luigi Dorigo – Italy - - “In wildness” - 10 min.
  • Erlend & Orsolya Haarberg - Norway - - “Wild Laponia” - 8 min.
  • Marco Manzini C.F.P. – Italy - “Iceland” - 10 min.
  • Bruno & Dorota Senechal - France - - "Ice Lover” - 8 min
  • Valter Binotto - Italy - - “Awakening​ - 8 min.
  • Giacomo Renier - Italy - Only for a moment​” - 6,30 min.

Saturday, September 23


Multivision realized with semifinalist images at the BioPhotoContest 2017 photo competition dedicated to Bioma: "The Boreal Forest".

by Merlino Multivisions (TS) - free entry