BioPhotoFestival 2019: Workshop

Saturday, Setptember 28, 2019

Programm in progress

Underwater photography

H: 09:30 - 12.30 - Meeting room, ground floor, at Palazzo del Comune

In collaboration with
Instructor: Pietro Formis

Topics covered:

• INTRODUCTION TO UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY: Equipment, approach, technique, tips & tricks.
• PHOTOGRAPHER'S POINT OF VIEW: Underwater photography and its role in environmental communication.
• INTRODUCTION TO POST PRODUCTION: Post production for underwater photography overview, tools and equipment.
• RAW DEVELOPMENT: From basic settings to selective adjustment tools. RAW development complete workflow.

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Photo Stage

reserved for students of the "Istituto Superiore "B.Carniello" in Brugnera (PN) - Graphics and Communication sector - Second Appointment, Final Phase.

• didactics and practical outdoor applications

9:00 am - Meeting - 12:00 Return

Tutors: Circular Photography Palmarino -